Day at the Beach

I so want to be at the beach right now! This wedding inspiration from Magnolia Rouge is certainly helping fix that.  I love this photo shoot, mostly I love the table setting.  How smart is the black slate rocks with chalk writing?  Brilliant! For all vendors: Magnolia Rouge

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Starting the New Year right!

Really, as far as I'm concerned, the only way to start the New Year off right is by featuring a wedding shoot by the master, Jose Villa.  I truly believe he might be one of the most talented photographers out there.  It also doesn't hurt that this shoot has such a beautiful setting and details.  [...]

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Blushing Beach Bride

Oh la la, this is one beautiful photo shoot from 100 Layer Cake. I know if I had my way this would be my exact wedding.  I am in love with the dress and the flowers.  And not to mention the pink salad plate.  Yep I'm in love!

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Florida Keys Wedding

Don't get me wrong, I am super happy to be getting married in Hawaii, but wow the Florida Keys look awfully nice too!  This beach wedding from Grey Likes Weddings is gorgeous. My very favorite detail on this wedding is their use of petrified drift wood.  I have seen it on tables, but on the [...]

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Red and Pink Beach Wedding

As I get closer to my own wedding date, I am drawn more and more to different beach weddings.  This wedding from 100 Layer Cake, I love because of the contrast between the clean muted tones of the beach, the table and the dress, with the crazy explosion of reds and pinks from the flowers.  [...]

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Getting my beach wedding!

Well my hopes and dreams have come true and I am finally getting my very own beach wedding.  My fiancee, Patrick and I will be escaping to the island of Kauai and we couldn't be more happy about it!  Needless to say I am currently trying to figure out exactly what I want our wedding [...]

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Ahoy! A Nautical Wedding

Oh how much fun is this nautical themed wedding from Green Wedding Shoes?  I know I have said this before but it would be so much fun to do a beach or nautical themed wedding.  Funny enough people want a mountain wedding when you live in the middle of Idaho.  Oh well a girl can [...]

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Shipwrecked Beach Wedding

A beach wedding, Jose Villa as the photographer, and ghost chairs, basically my DREAM wedding! Holy cow thank you Green Wedding Shoes for bringing us this amazing wedding. There isn't a single thing I don't love about this wedding.  And be sure to go to the original post, or I should say say original 3 [...]

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