Cozy Fall Photo Shoot

Oh I am so in love with this photo shoot from Erin McGinn, one of my favorite photographers to follow.   The whole look is so cozy and beautiful.  I especially love the big purplish pillar candles that go so well with the various precious stones used through out the table.  Just beautiful! Save

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Perfect Use of Fruit

I am a very strong believer in using fruit with flowers for centerpieces and decor accents.  This post from Once Wed will show you exactly why I love this look so much.  The figs and the grapes are such an amazing addition.   Save

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Favorite Desserts for Fall

Not only do I love the fall for the colors, the cool weather, the great clothes, but the food is the best!  But even more so the desserts are the best or the best.  These are just a couple of desserts I love. Pear and Hazelnut Pie Nutella Hot Chocolate Banana and Salted Caramel Pie [...]

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Send them home with a Drink!

I am constantly having conversations with my clients about gifts for guests.  I personally am of the mind that the entire wedding it self is a pretty great gift to your guests, but I totally understand if you want to do something more.  I have had clients who have given bags of seeds, picture frames, [...]

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Backyard BBQ

I have to say I am really lucky to have a husband who is a chef.  So when I show him a picture on pinterest of a meal I want, he can totally copy it.  So between his cooking skills and my party skills, we can throw a pretty great back yard BBQ.  Now if [...]

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Cheese Please

I don't know about you, but I have a crazy obsession with cheese, but even more beautiful cheese platters.  I can't imagine I am alone on this one.  Here are just a couple of my very favorite cheese plates!  Image 1, 2, 3, 4

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New Obsession with Water

Currently I am totally obsessed with flavored water.  Every week in the store we pick a new combination to try out.  I was so happy to see Style Me Pretty, do a post on all new fun flavors.  Here are a few of my favorites, what are yours?  

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Drink Up!

As summer approaches, and back yard BBQs are about to begin, now is the time to think about drinks.  Of course the usual beer, wine and non alcoholic drinks are fine, but my not take it up a notch. Here are just a few I want to try this summer. pink lemonade Blueberry Mint FizzBlood [...]

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Sweet Tooth

I have had such a crazy sweet tooth going on lately, and all I have been craving are beautiful desserts with summer fruits.  Weird I know, but when you see these pictures, you will totally have the same cravings! Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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Party at the Cabin

As the long winter drags on and it starts snowing outside again, I have come across a great dinner party from Waiting on Martha. How much fun would it be to go out into a cabin in the woods and have a delicious gourmet dinner? Sounds like a great plan to me!

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