Preparing for Thanksgiving

This year I have been assigned to dessert duty for Thanksgiving diner.  I know that I am going to do the requisite pumpkin pie, but I wanted to do something a little different yet still traditional for the pecan pie.  So I found this Chocolate Pecan Pie with bourbon whip cream on top, from Honestly Yours.  I think it looks just delicious and I can’t wait to try it out!





Farm To Table

Now this is a super cool wedding inspiration from Wedding Chicks. I have always loved using different fruits and vegetables in my flower arrangements, but they take it to a whole new awesome level. I just love the baskets of eggs on the tables and the use of kale in the brides bouquet!











Beautiful Bridal Luncheon

The thing I really like about bridal luncheons is it is a great time for your bridesmaids, who might not know each other, to really get to know one another. But because my world revolves around flowers and decor, the thing I love about bridal lunches or brunches is that they are usually small and intimate and you can have way more fun with the details, then if there are a ton of people attending.  This beautiful shoot by Stacey Hedman and featured on Ruffled blog, makes my point exactly.

stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-008 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-014 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-019 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-021 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-022 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-033 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-039 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-054 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-057 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-066 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-073 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-078 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-085 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-087 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-091 stacey-hedman-cape-cod-lavender-farm-099

Dessert Tuesday

What better way to start a Tuesday morning, then with dessert! Now if only this spread was in my office.  But really, how gorgeous is this dessert photo shoot from Grey Likes Weddings?  It is so beautiful, and would be perfect for any wedding ever, but especially for a winter wedding.


Gobble Gobble

Some how I have just baked, in one day, more then I have in my ENTIRE life.  2 pumpkin pies, a pecan pie, a banana cream pie, coconut cupcakes and 2 flavors of whipped cream, and all from scratch!!  And you know what, I kind of liked it, maybe baking is my next calling!  But seriously everyone have a fantastic Thanksgiving and I will be back on Monday.  And oh yea, GO DUCKS!!!!

Monday Morning Sweet Tooth

For some reason I have had the biggest sweet tooth lately. And since Monday mornings pretty much suck : ), I thought that this dessert spread from the queen of sweets, Amy Atlas, is just what the doctor ordered!! How good to all these sprinkles look?!?

What’s on the menu?

Lately we have been designing a lot of menus for parties and weddings, and there are so many ways to have fun with this! These are a few of my favorite ones right now…

1.  Style Me Pretty 2. 100 Layer Cake  3. Style Me Pretty

Spring is Here!

via Magnolia Rouge

Happy Easter

I hope you Easter weekend is fill with chocolate eggs and gummy bunnies.  Have a great weekend!

images: 1. white brownie egg 2. place setting 3. golden eggs

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!


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