A Funky Retro Wedding

This wedding from Green Wedding Shoes is RAD! Mainly I am so in love with this brides Vera Wang dress. I think that this might be one of my very favorite nontraditional wedding dresses I have ever seen.  And lets not forget how cool the rest of this wedding is.

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Another Stunner from Jose Villa

Jose Villa, is by far, the very best wedding photographer, in my opinion.  And as per usual he has delivered another stunner wedding set in the woods by Lake Tahoe.   Of course the subjects and event, he was able to photograph, are equally stunning.  Hats off to the planners on this one, such a beautiful [...]

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Pops of Orange Retro Wedding

I am loving this super modern, and very cool wedding from 100 Layer Cake. Some times I find that modern weddings can feel a bit cold, but not this one, The orange and gold details totally warm up the feel of the entire shoot, and the contrast with the very white dress and suit, are [...]

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Beautiful Botanical Wedding

Any wedding taking place in Charleston, is automatically going to be one of my favorites, since I am totally in love with that city.  But this wedding from Once Wed, just on its own is totally beautiful and amazing. How beautiful is the use of all the different green foliage including maiden hair ferns and [...]

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All Hallows Eve Wedding

I thought this week is the perfect time to share this spooky and beautiful wedding from Green Wedding Shoes.  I love the dark details against the brides beautiful dress and blond hair, so pretty.

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Beautiful Garden Wedding

I am crazy in love with the flowers from this wedding featured on Ruffled.  The bright colors, the use of bougainvillea, just the abundance of them, makes this just a perfect wedding!

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A Perfect Touch of Blue

I really love the color blue, but sometimes it can be hard to include in a wedding.  Blue flowers don't always look how you want, and blue food just doesn't happen, however this wedding shows exactly how to do it.  My very favorite blog, Snippet & Ink, featured this wedding, and it shows perfectly how [...]

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Not Your Typical Italian Wedding

This wedding from 100 Layer Cake is so very cool.  Yes, most people hear Italian wedding and think Villas, but not with this wedding.  The ceremony was in a beautiful Italian church, but after wards the reception was held in a really cool industrial space, that was completely transformed. And what a transformation, I love [...]

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St. Helena Wedding

I don't even know where to start on how much I love this wedding featured on Grey Likes Weddings. Frist off the venue in St. Helena is amazing, cocktails by the pool and dinner in a beautiful barn.  And then the flowers and trees, yes the trees on the tables!!!  And then just the overall [...]

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Lavender and Copper Wedding

I don't think I would have put together this color combination of lavender and cooper unless Magnolia Rouge had shown how beautiful it would be. I am really loving the combination for either fall or spring.  So beautiful!

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