Cozy Fall Photo Shoot

Oh I am so in love with this photo shoot from Erin McGinn, one of my favorite photographers to follow.   The whole look is so cozy and beautiful.  I especially love the big purplish pillar candles that go so well with the various precious stones used through out the table.  Just beautiful! Save

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Picture Perfect Wedding Down Under

Every single wedding Jose Villa photographs is beautiful, but there is something to clean, simple and stunning about this one.  Plus is was in Australia, which makes it even cooler!  I love traveling to plan weddings, there is something so cool about new places and locations! '

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Bellissimo Gardens Kids

I think you might agree these pictures of my niece and nephew, from Christine Olsen Photography, are just about the most adorable thing ever.  I just love when the two of them stop into my store for a play date.

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Jose Villa in Mexico

I promise this isn't me going on and on about how Jose Villa is the best photographer in the world.  But this is about how beautiful the dinner party he photographed for his Mexican photo work shop is.  Can we just talk about how absolutely beautiful this table is?  My very favorite part is the [...]

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Fashion and Beauty

I know I have raved about the photography talents of Crobin Gurkin, many times.  This fashion shoot for The Knot just once again shows off her incredible talent and then amazing spaces she gets to shoot in.  Just beautiful.

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A person to follow….

As you well know I look at hundreds of blogs everyday, which is a crazy amount, and I most certainly can't imagine you are doing to same.  So once in a while I like to recommend blogs I think are exceptional.  And Corbin Gurkin Photography is absolutely a blog you should follow.  She is exceptionally [...]

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Laura Gordon – A Huge Talent

Laura Gordon is one of my new very favorite photographers.  She specialized in film and lives in Virgina, but she travels all over the world shooting beautiful weddings.  These pictures below are just a tiny example of her amazing work.  She shot these in Pairs, one of my very favorite places on earth, and she [...]

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Cheatwood Rocks My World!!!

I am so very fortunate to work with all kinds of vendors, and i love each and everyone of them.  So it was so much fun to work with one of my favorites,  photographer Kristin Cheatwood!  And for once I was on the other side of the camera.  Now, probably much like most females on [...]

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Meet Aiden and Olivia

You always hear me talking about my niece and nephew, Aiden and Olivia and you even got to see his baby shower back in the day.  Now they are getting older and my sister had the super talented Christine Olsen shoot some family pictures.  I thought is was time for me to share these awesome [...]

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Tweed and Leather

First off, Jasmine Star is just about one of the most talented photographers in the wedding business, so you know anything she does is going to be crazy good.  Secondly this shoot, themed on leather and tweed is incredibly beautiful.  I mean how amazing is the styling on the clothes, flowers and table top? Ugggg [...]

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