Beautiful Spring Wedding

From the moment I saw this wedding, from my friends at O'Malley Photographers, I fell in love.  This wedding is absolutely stunning and adorable and every other adjective you can think of.  I love the baby lamb, I love the invitations, I love the table decor, I am just in LOVE!!!!  I tell you there [...]

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Peach and Emerald Wedding

Now that spring is peaking its head around the corner, it is time for pastels of every kind.  One of my favorite combinations is using peach and emerald colors together.   This wedding inspiration from Ruffled blog shows this combo off perfectly.  What is your favorite color combination using pastels?  

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Real Wedding: Mia and Joe

This spring I was more then blessed to be a part of the wedding of Mia and Joe.  This wedding was beyond amazing in every aspect. The location was breathtaking, the weather was perfect and the bride, Mia, is just about the most beautiful person one can come across.  These pictures from photographer Traci Griffin [...]

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Real Wedding: Jamie and Michael, Part 1

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share the wedding of Jamie and Michael with you.  I love everything about this wedding so much, there is great style, great food, fun times, and I have to say, maybe the funniest bridal party I have ever met.  The groomsmen were a laugh a minute [...]

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Real Wedding: Dana and Russell

Oh I am so excited about Dana and Russell's wedding.  This June when Dana and Russell got married we were all still watching the snow fall.  And in fact weren't even sure if they could hold the ceremony in the field they wanted because it was still covered in snow the week before. But it [...]

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Hurry Up Spring…….

Doesn't this little photo shoot from The Sweetest Occasion, just make you long for spring time??  I LOVE spring flowers, they are by far the best flowers of the whole year.  For all you brides out there, all the other seasons are beautiful, but if you want to have the best flowers, get married in [...]

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